About Us

Brinke E-bikes are a product of excellence, the result of professionalism and many years of experience in the manufacture of pedal assisted bicycles. To better understand the success and motivations that led to their birth, we must go back in time.

Pedaling backwards we arrive in 1972, the year of birth of the Valsabbina Group, active in the iron and steel industry, which over the years knows an expansion in the supply of iron and steel raw materials to Europe, the United States and Brazil.

In 2006, paying attention to sustainable development and renewable energies, born Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. and finally, in 2012, the time is ripe for Brinke Bike electric bicycles, authentic technological jewels. After two years of careful research and innovation, a Brinke Showroom is opened in Desenzano del Garda and the catalog comes to include 15 different models divided into three categories: City, Trekking and MTB, with different characteristics depending on the type of use for which they have been designed.


Every society has its own unique culture and a system of values that constitute the characteristics of its own identity. Brinke Bike, a leading company in the field of electric bicycles, combines passion, cutting-edge technology and comfort.

Our mission is to achieve the maximum satisfaction of customer needs through the offer of high quality products that are able to improve the lives of those who use them. Brinke bikes are suitable for everyone and allow you to move in total relax and to turn your mobility into a pleasant walk outdoors offering all the pleasure of cycling effortlessly while respecting nature. Who uses the electric bike does not do it because he does not want to ride, but simply to have technological support during his journeys.

The e-bike can be used by everyone, by young people and by those who have been a cycling champion and now does not want to give up the pleasure of riding. It can be used to go to work, or to drink an aperitif in the center without the stress of having to look for a parking space.


We are a private and independent society, whose shares are 100% owned by the Auf dem Brinke family. Also for this reason we are strongly motivated to achieve concrete growth results through customer satisfaction.


The managers of Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. are people with a high level of expertise, founded on over 40 years of work experience.