We are proud to announce that an exclusive distribution agreement has been signed for the Speed E-bikes of the Swiss Company STROMER, in Italy.

With Stomer products, we are now able to offer an even more complete and high-tech range of E-bikes. The Stromer products are considered SPEED EPAC with 45 km/h speed, allowing you to reach your destination in no time.

For further information, please contact us on Stromer@brinkebike.com or check the catalogue.



NO, you can’t. The e-bike has no accelerator as it is not permitted by law. The motor is activated by the rider’s pedaling, giving great help immediately and minimizing muscle strain.

Yes, the Stromer e-bikes belonging to the S-Pedelec category (45 km / h) can only be used if a certified helmet is worn.

Yes, the Stromer e-bikes that belong to the S-Pedelec category (45 km / h) require the registration and the RC insurance.

The e-bike is supplied with a conformity booklet; with this booklet you can go to the motorization or to the ACI and apply for matriculation. Generally, matriculation takes about 2 days, at an indicative cost of 95 euros, plus a revenue stamp of 16 euros.

To ensure the e-bike you must contact an insurance agency equipped with the booklet and request the RC insurance for which generally the cost is 90 euros (can vary from agency to agency).

Thanks to the license plate it is possible to ensure the bicycle not only against civil liability but also against theft.

The anti-theft protection in the Stromer is completely integrated. As long as the Stromer is on, thieves will have no hope. As soon as someone tries to move the blocked e-bike, the engine is disabled, the lights start flashing and a warning message is sent to the owner. The integrated GPS will give the immediate position of the vehicle for a timely localization.

At the link www.brinkebike.com/en-gb/retailers, selecting Stromer, all authorized dealers will appear.

Each model is supplied with a standard battery matched to it; however, it is possible to purchase a more powerful optional battery.