NO, you can’t. The e-bike has no accelerator as it is not permitted by law. The motor is activated by the rider’s pedalling, giving great help immediately and minimizing muscle strain.

The electric pedal assisted bicycle, also known as pedelec or e-bike, is a traditional bike with electric motor, battery and electronic control, designed to make cycling less strenuous through the aid of the motor power, in this way allowing the rider to reach higher speeds and tackle steep slopes and long distances almost effortlessly.

According to the Highway Code an e-bike is, in all respects, a traditional bike, therefore it is not compulsory to wear a helmet.

NO, you don’t. Our bikes comply with the power (250W) and speed (25 km/h) limits required by law for e-bikes, therefore registration and insurance are not necessary.

You can ride in any area where the riding of traditional bikes is not banned.

Our pack racks are approved and can be fitted with approved accessories such as child seats or other devices on condition that the total weight load does not exceed 25 kg.

Except for the vintage series, where aesthetics have required a steel FRAME to show smaller tube sections, all our models are made of aluminium alloy 6061.

The motor complies with the limits required by law and develops a rated power of 250W.

The cruising speed is determined by the riders through both the assist levels set on the on-board computer and by pedalling. The electric assist switches off progressively when the limit of 25 km/h is reached.

All our products comply with EU road traffic standards.

On average a 10Ah battery is able to cover 50-70 km, however the battery life is variable and depends essentially on many factors, such as rider weight, slope gradient, assist level set on the on-board computer, battery capacity, condition of mechanical components such as for example tire inflation and brake setup.

There is no risk if the bike is used in the rain. All electric components are well insulated, so that the bike can be used even in the rain. However, it is advisable not to leave the bike for a long time exposed to bad weather when not in use.

The battery level is always under control and displayed on the on-board computer; in some models the battery is also praovided with level indicator.

On average a lithium battery allows more than 500 full cycles. This means that if you recharge a battery that has run down by a half, you have only recharged half the battery. Therefore you will have to carry out another 2 half-charges to charge the battery fully.

Our batteries are equipped with Li-Ion Samsung, Panasonic or Sanyo cells that ensure high reliability and durability as well as availability of spare parts.

The batteries of cheaper bikes are generally lead batteries, which cost considerably less but also give reduced efficiency of the battery (shorter life) as well as heavier bike weight. In addition, some of the cheaper bikes mount lithium batteries of Asian manufacturers, these batteries cease working after a few charging cycles and have short guarantees or no guarantee at all.

The battery discharges with the use of the bike having to provide power to the motor. It is recharged by connecting it to a standard electrical outlet.

All our models are provided with batteries with a safety key lock. This allows you to leave your bike in the garage or under the stairs and recharge the battery at home or in the office.

Charging a fully run down battery generally takes 4-6 hours.

Charging a fully run down 36V and 10Ah battery costs approximately 0.07€.

Yes, there are, but they do not meet the limits imposed by the law to fall into the category of electric pedal assisted bicycles. The max power that can be installed is 250W, over that value the category is motorcycle and this requires the use of helmets, insurance and road tax. This is the reason why all our motors are within the 250W limit, ensuring that all our models are, in all respects, bicycles.

Yes, it is. Brinke, unlike other cheaper brands, always uses the same materials and ensures the availability of spare parts for years.

Our bicycles are traditional bicycles and therefore they can be used without the help of the electric motor (battery low).

All our models are fitted with SHIMANO gear. However, the type of gear is different from model to model.

Our bikes use the highly proven chain transmission. The advantage is that in the event of failure it can be immediately replaced at a very low cost. Vice versa, the cardan drive has the disadvantage of losing power during transmission. Also, if it breaks down replacement by a specialized technician is very costly.

You can buy it directly on our website or alternatively from authorized retailers in the area.

Each of our retailers is also a service centre.

If your bike breaks down, take it to the nearest service centre or to your dealer. If you bought your bike through the web, you can contact us directly by e-mail or phone.

NO. Only the faulty component will be replaced. The electric components of our bikes are provided with proprietary connectors that allow the individual component to be disconnected and quickly replaced, as well as easy replacement of the tire of the front wheel which houses the motor.

Yes it is. Our bikes are delivered 90% mounted. The customer will only have to lock the handlebar and sometimes the front wheel. This will take you less than 10 minutes by following the instructions provided in the package.

Our products are guaranteed for 2 years in compliance with the terms of the contract which can be downloaded from the relevant page.

Although the motor power and the battery would allow higher peak speeds, the electric assist switches off progressively when the limit of 25 km/h is reached. However such speed can be exceeded by the rider’s muscular strength.

Our pack racks are certified for up to 25 kg in compliance with EU standards.

Yes, all electric bikes fall into the cycle category and therefore are comparable with them in all respects.

No, they don’t. The maintenance they require is essentially comparable to that of a traditional bike. However to ensure that the battery has a longer life, it is advisable to recharge it once a month.

All our products come with an excellent braking system. In addition, with minimum brake pressure the motor is automatically disconnected in order to ensure powerful and safe braking.

All our models are tested and certified in compliance with EU standards to ensure safety and soundness of the product.