Privacy Policy

Information note on the protection of personal data in compliance with Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003


Legislative Decree 196/03 (hereinafter: "Law") regulates the processing of personal data. By personal data we mean any information relating to the individual, corporation, body or association (hereinafter: "those concerned") who allows the unequivocal direct or indirect identification of those concerned. By processing of personal data we mean their: - collection, registration, organisation and preservation; - processing, selection, extraction and comparison; - communication and circulation; - modification, blockage, cancellation and destruction. Said law envisages for these processing procedures, principally and with some specific exception, the consent of those concerned. By law, the figure of the guarantor, a collective body assigned to protecting subjects with regard to the processing of personal data, is established. It is also envisaged that those concerned should be provided with appropriate information about the contents of the Law with particular reference to their rights; such information has been summarised for the purpose in this information note.


The personal data destined to supply our computerised and paper-based files and those of other subjects on behalf of whom the information note is supplied are collected directly from those concerned or third parties. In the first case, the information note is therefore supplied personally to those concerned at the same time as the data are collected, in other cases, the information is provided at the time the data are recorded.


The collected personal data can be processed for: Obligations deriving from laws, regulations and community legislation, (e.g. for the purposes of managing relations with social security and pension bodies, communications regarding supervisory orders). Contractual, pre-contractual and legal obligations deriving from the relationship existing with those concerned (e.g. for accounting and fiscal purposes), including therein communication to third parties of data for needs of an operating or organisational nature (such as the supply of computerised information, filing, consignment, management of payments). Obligations relating to subscribing to unilateral ventures of the company, such as, for example: competitions, tenders, bonus trips, etc. For the purposes mentioned in the previous points, failure to grant the data may make it totally or partially impossible for the company to establish and/or carry out the contractual relationship. Obligations linked to the selection phase prior to establishment of the contract relationship (e.g. acquisition of “curricula vitae" and filling in of the information questionnaire). Access to services provided by the internet site or Sending on the request of those concerned of e-mails by the internet site or following publication of works, comments, reviews or messages of interest by those concerned. Sending on request of those concerned of the periodical newsletter on the activities of the internet site or Sending of information, advertising or promotional material on the activities of the company Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. - 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS) - Via Adua, 3 - Tel: (+39) 030.9144848 - Fax: (+39) 030.9914786 – VAT number 02820220982.


The law defines as sensitive data all particular personal data which reveal: - the racial and ethical origin of those concerned; - religious, philosophical convictions or convictions of another kind; - political opinions or membership to political, union, religious or philosophical associations; - the state of health and sexual orientation. The company does not process sensitive data.


Personal data are processed via manual, computerised and telematic instruments with logics strictly linked to the above-mentioned purposes and, in any case, in such a way as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data themselves. Certain processing procedures may be carried out, for the purposes and with the procedures illustrated above, as well as in observance of criteria designed to guarantee confidentiality and security, by companies – responsible as far as the processing procedures carried out by them are concerned – that supply instrumental services, necessary for executing the contractual obligations.


Art. 7 of the Law attributes specific rights to those concerned. In particular those concerned can obtain from the data controller confirmation of the existence of their personal data and that such data are put at their disposal in a comprehensible form. Those concerned may also ask to know the origin of the data, as well as the logics and purposes on which the processing is based; to obtain cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blockage of data processed in breach of the law, as well as updating, correction or, if wished, integration of the data; to object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing itself. Further information concerning the processing and communication of your personal data may be requested directly from the headquarters of Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. - 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS) - Via Adua, 3 - Tel: (+39) 030.9144848 - Fax: (+39) 030.9914786 – VAT number 02820220982.


The data controller of the personal data is the company Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. - 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS) - Via Adua, 3 - Tel: (+39) 030.9144848 - Fax: (+39) 030.9914786 - VAT 02820220982. In compliance with article 23 of the Privacy Code, the undersigned declares that he or she has examined the above indicated information note and expresses his or her free and informed consent to the processing of his or her Data.