In Bologna it started a municipal campaign of incentives on the purchase of electric bicycles thanks to a total of 109,000 euro available to the Ministry of the Environment. For those who intend to proceed with the purchase, the incentive made available for assisted bicycles is 300 €.

The contributions will be paid until the fund's depletion, by time for submission of applications. Who can ask for the contribution they are residents in the municipality of Bologna and non-residents, but employees with headquarters in Bologna working in institutions and companies that have signed an agreement mobility management with the Administration. The incentive shall not exceed 50% of the costs incurred for the purchase.

Considered the season of use of the BIKE already begun, the City Council to facilitate the early start of the purchases already stimulated expected that at the time of application for assistance invoices and sales receipts can be submitted with the date as early as May 17, 2016.