PREVIEW BRINKE 2021 Innovation is the key!



Brinke 2021 collection provides a very wide offer to meet the different needs in a constantly growing market. The collection is also highly innovative: the range in fact includes many e-bikes equipped with the latest "technological innovations" offered by Shimano, such as the EP8 engine, more powerful, light and silent, and the 630 Watt battery.

The Off Road range and the Trekking  2021 range offer 6 models with the innovative Shimano EP8 motorization, and even more numerous are the e-bikes equipped with the innovative 630 Watt Shimano battery, that grants autonomy to travel up to 200km.

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The main news...

X5R + RACE and X6R Race with EP8
After the success achieved last year by X5R + Race, Brinke has chosen to renew the X5 frame proposal by introducing in 2021 range the X5R Race with EP8 and also the brand new X6R Race, a real e-Enduro racing bike with EP8 engine and 630 Watt battery.

Both are also available in the No Race version.

X5 will be available from November 2020, X6 from April 2021.

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The new Brinke Front e-bike.
X2R also features Shimano's latest innovation in terms of drive force and battery. 
The engine and the powerful Shimano EP8, which is very light guarantees great handling and ease of response even on the most curvy terrains, and together with the new Shimano 630Watt battery ensures incredibly long Off Road experiences with up to 200km of autonomy.

Also available from April in the S version with e7000 engine.

To learn more about the differences between X2R and X2S read the technical data sheets! 

The 2021 collection, reconfirms the highly appreciated Overland with the new 630Watt Shimano battery  both in the automatic gearbox and XT version and introduces  as an absolute novelty XPLORER, the first full suspension trekking bike.

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XPLORER has been designed for the most extreme trekking, even off-road: equipped with a frame with front and rear travel of 100mm and the innovative Shimano EP8 engine which assures power never experienced before, it offers the agility and performance of a full Cross Country suspension bike.
The low weight of the engine and the new 630Watt battery also guarantee autonomy up to 200km.

Also available from April with e7000 engine.

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The new Brinke street style ebike is ideal to travel around the city in complete safety and without stress. The large tires ensure maximum comfort even when passing on tram rails and on cobblestones and the 48 W performance engine allows you to face every slope with determination.
Foldable and compact can be transported everywhere: by bus, subway and train for commuting.

Available from October!

To know every detail, read the TROLL8 data sheet