Why Should I Use an E-bike instead of a car?



Who lives in the city, probably asks themselves if it should be better to use an e-bike and leave their car at home.

We have to consider that:
Using an e-bike is less expensive than car
E-bikes doesn't need fuel. Costs of fuel do increase continuously, insurance is not cheap and the younger you are the more expensive it is. That along with regular car maintenance and parking fees.

Having a car is more a problem than a benefit!
The idea of ​​being able to move freely whenever we want is certainly attractive, but there are several problems:
Where is the nearest parking place?
Will there be free spaces?
How much does it cost?
Furthermore in a big city we have to consider the time at which we decide to leave, because if we do it at rush hour it is not advisable if we do not want to get stuck in the traffic but also at other times there might be queue and red traffic lights, klaxon… and our patience that runs out slowly.

What about an e-bike?
At the beginning probably we will feel a bit “out of place”, it will be strange not using our own car, our second home. But day after day the feeling to be free to move will be a plus to which we will not give up.
Wake up later in the morning, take the e-bike parked inside our apartment or in the lobby of our building, and go at work without worrying about traffic or parking.
The convenience of electric bike is that we will arrive not stressed out to the office.

In our free time everything will be easier: imagine to buy a take-away at our favorite restaurant or to go for a drink, nothing will be easier and more immediate.

Now we can sleep sweeter dreams, as we are conscious to make our contribution to the environment. If you don't use a car, you aren't accomplices of the air pollution any more!...

Imagine if everybody would join us!

Let's enjoy an e-bike, is better!