X1R +, the new BrinkeBike eMTB: tested by the sports journalist Roberto Zanetti



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Roberto Zanetti, a well-known sports journalist in the bike sector, has tested X1R+ for us.

The new front of the Brinke collection, with a clean but impactful style thanks to its black and white graphics. Shimano E8000 engine and SHIMANO SLX RD-M670-D 10-speed gearbox. The SHIMANO battery always has a range up to 150 km and is fully rechargeable in just 5 hours.

The hydroformed 6061 aluminum frame, thanks also to the 27.5-inch Shwalbe Nobby Nic + tires, guarantees great manageability and ease of response even on the most tortuous terrains.

Aware of the advantages, in terms of simplicity of driving that a front can offer compared to a full, which, as full suspension is certainly more suitable for hard descents, we have had our X1R + tested by Roberto Zanetti, to know his impressions.

We therefore asked Zanetti to tell us how the test went:

"Brilliant" I think it is the most appropriate adjective to describe a vehicle with surprising performances, especially when pushing down on the pedals in "Boost" mode and the Shimano Steps engine, full-bodied up to the point of detachment, accompanies the biker to overcome obstacles very easily. "

As a trained journalist and cyclist, usually a user of the so-called “muscle” MTBs even at a competitive level, we asked Zanetti how he experienced the use of this electric front:

"Being a trained cyclist - even in Trail or in Eco (the other two assistance levels set up on the drive unit) I got positive responses; especially when the right balance is found between gears and engine power, delivered gradually up to the maximum torque. Indeed, in some pending tracts with uneven or muddy bottoms, it seems a paradox but to control the traction of the rear you almost have the impression of getting better with the engine switched off than under the assistance regime. X1R + can be defined as a faithful companion for a focused and very pleasant aerobic workout. Suitable also for those who have a non-competitive training or those who are new to the variegated world of two-wheeled pedals. "

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With regards to the components, Roberto states:

“Aluminum frame, Schwalbe 27.5+ tires and Shimano Steps drive units allow eMTB Brinke to challenge even the most tortuous and challenging trails with extreme ease. Also the Shimano battery life from 36V 14Ah and 500 Wh favors the performance guaranteeing a good range of pedaled kilometers. It is true that this depends on the routes, the gradients, the driving style and the ability to recharge, however, using it sparingly, you can be sure for an exit of at least four hours intense and fun without even going into reserve. "

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And adds:

“On the aesthetic side we are facing an E-MTB front with a traditional geometry, with very well finished welds in the robust junction points (movement box, saddle knot and steering knot). Even the external housing of the battery - although not in line with the new trends of total integration in the down tube - does not clash, does not obstruct pedaling and makes it easy to release for recharging. "

Thanks to Roberto Zanetti for his precious testimony, to the next test!

Photo Credit Roberto Zanetti e Monica Anello