“We believe in a sustainable future; our ebikes have been designed to promote a new, stress-free, enjoyable and rewarding way of getting around in daily life and on holiday. Brinke was established to provide an attractive lifestyle”.
We intend to help shape a "different" future. We, at Brinke, are in fact the first testers and users of our electric bikes, we design and produce not only what the market expects but also what it does not yet know it really wants, by analysing the deepest requirements and desires that an ebike can fulfil. That's why each of our electric mobility projects and new ebike proposal is of the utmost value to us.


“Whatever your destination, we help you to have the best possible cycling experience for boundless enjoyment.”
This is the key objective of Brinke ebikes.
Those who use an electric bike is not because they don’t want to pedal, but simply to have a technological support of electric mobility while riding.
On a Brinke ebike you can enjoy the pleasure of getting in touch with nature, while respecting the environment, getting around without the stress of city traffic or challenging your limits on off-road trails, all while having a great time!