Brinke takes great care in providing and efficient after-sales service, by guaranteeing an adequate amount of components available from stock for repairs, thus shortening the time of non-use of the bike. In most cases it take 3-4 working days only to fix a problem.
Should a problem arise with any of our products, we invite our customers either to go to the nearest store for a preliminary analysis or contact us directly by calling (++39) 030 9144848 or email
Please refer to the instructions handbook for any minor recurring problems that can be remedied by yourselves with a few simple operations.



For precautionary and preventive purposes we have decided to recall 169 Paris bicycles, with serial numbers included between ZF600503 and ZF600911.
In fact, in recent weeks we have detected a possible structural problem, which could cause serious injuries to the cyclist, on 3 bicycles belonging to the production lot indicated above.
Since they correspond to a percentage higher than our usual quality standards, in order to guarantee maximum safety of use and avoid any risks, we invite all owners of Paris, belonging to the indicated lot to immediately stop using their bike and contact your trusted Brinke dealer or or write to to receive information on collection methods.
We understand the inconvenience caused by this situation and appreciate your patience. We want to assure you that security is our first priority and we are doing everything we can to speed up the resolution of the problem.