Elysee Evo Alivio Brinke: tested for you by the editors of milanodabere.it Interview with Elisabeta Pina


The editors of milanodabere.it tried for a few weeks the City eBike Elysee Evo Alivio
experiencing the pleasure of moving in the traffic of Milan on our ebike!
Impressed by the excellent performance and the real pleasure of pedaling found during use, in the months of June and July they published several articles with Elysee Evo Brinke protagonist: "Discovering the places of Leonardo riding the e-bike", "Riding a Brinke is a walk", "Riding a Brinke e-bike for discover the preparations of Milano Pride ".
Elisabetta Pina is the journalist who personally experienced the pleasure of using our City eBike,we therefore asked her some questions:

1. Hello Elisabetta and thank you for your availability, the first question that arises spontaneously
is: "Was it your first time on ebike?"
"Yes, it was my first time riding an electric bicycle. I had never thought of it before being
 an "old fashioned" cyclist still riding an old 1991 bike. I must say that I enjoyed the
advantages of pedaling in the city with an e-bike, compared to my glorious and peeling bike for men .. "

2. What benefits did you gain from riding on the Elysee Evo Brinke in terms of mobility?
electric in your daily life?

"The assisted pedaling allows you to shoot lightly at traffic lights, which does not happen
with mine, and to have a fairly constant speed. Also, I had the perception that 
the other vehicles too perceived me as a faster presence in the city and warned me
more "respect". Milan is a city mostly flat so there isn't much to do in terms of
"working" gear so an electric bike allows you to speed through the city with a big one

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3. How long did you use it during this month and how often?
"I used it a few days to do some editorial tours. Surely you ride, but
without sweating too much and out of breath!

4. In terms of urban sustainability what would you say?
"As mentioned above, the Brinke ebike gave me a sense of security, both for stability and also for how it is perceived in traffic by cars and motorcycles. "

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6. Any advice for the citizens  of Milan but not only ....?
"Dear Milanese citizens, it's time to leave the car at home. In fact, don't buy it. Welcoime to
the bikes, the electric ones even more! "

We just have to join the invitation by adding ... the Brinke ebikes even better!

Thanks Elisabetta Pina ... see you soon!