This year began with some important news for electric micro-mobility, from 1st January 2020 in fact, thanks to law 160 dated 27 December 2019, all electric scooters built according to current regulations (i.e. with a maximum nominal power of 500 Watts and equipped with a specific speed limiter) can legally circulate on cycle paths, in 30 km areas, in pedestrian areas, but also on the street.

To learn more about the legislation:

With perfect timing the Bladerunner scooter, our new 2020 proposal for micro mobility, will be available these days: Bladerunner was first created in compliance with current legislation in order to ensure the safety of the user, it provides in fact a maximum speed of 20 km/h with the possibility of limiting it to 6km/h for use in pedestrian areas. It also guarantees battery autonomy of approximately 30 km, proving  itself as the ideal means of travel within city circuits.

Worthy of attention is the engine power of 350w which can guarantee good assistance even uphill!

Bladerunner is also extremely intuitive and easy to drive: equipped with a comfortable display to monitor the speed and the battery charge at any time, a thumb accelerator and a mechanical disc brake with left lever, it is also equipped with a bell, very useful when circulating in crowded areas.

All tests have shown the stability of the vehicle on the various types of terrain and the simplicity of driving, the engine starts after a simple push with the foot, just as it would happen on a normal scooter.

To learn more, read the bicilive test

It is foldable and small, making it easy to load in the trunk of your car, to have it always available.

Brinke, as always, also paid attention to design, Bladerunner shows a simple but gritty look that certainly does not go unnoticed!

Have you already seen the unique design of the new eTrekking proposal, Overland Sport?

Bladerunner is available on our e-commerce and in all Brinke authorized stores for only € 499 (VAT included), the perfect gift for an unforgettable  Valentine's day!