March 16, 2020 - In response to the Coronavirus emergency Brinke protects health and trust of employees and customers.



It is very difficult for a company to choose the best conduct when facing a serious emergency such  as the one caused by the new outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 
The primary objective is certainly to protect everyone's health but at the same time to avoid, if possible, the final collapse of the economy of a whole country.
Brinke already made important choices at the very beginning of the emergency.
The company in fact  has worked to ensure maximum compliance with the law regulation  to prevent  the spread of the Coronavirus infection, both adopting smartworking and providing personal protective equipment when employees work  in the office.
This measures allowed the company to guarantee continuity in the work of the office and to assure the best service to Brinke customers.

In particular, the customer service is active  and all orders are processed regularly, thanks to the stock of products available at the  warehouse, which has always been an added value offered by the company.

As stated by Andrea Auf Dem Brinke, CEO Brinke:
"Thanks to Smartworking and the safety devices already provided two weeks ago, we made sure to guarantee safe working conditions to all of our employees. We are producing and shipping regularly and we are active in marketing with campaign aimed to create awareness but also trust that in the future we will soon return to go pedalling carefree to discover new territories. We are confident that this block of the circulation is the solution to go back to normal life in a short time and I find this is a great opportunity to rediscover the Italian spirit and the strength of our country.​"