Brinke is ready to deliver in stores the long awaited X6R RACE, the Eenduro,  top of the range from 2021 collection, built for speed, and therefore dedicated to enduro riders and to the most fearless sportsmen.

The reservations for the 2021 were snapped up, now waiting  is over and the brand is ready to offer "fun beyond all limits" to all Brinke Lover!

X6R RACE was created in the name of innovation both for the equipment and geometries: in fact it boasts a hydroformed aluminum frame 6061,  450 mm chainstay lenght  with under 160 mm front travel, 66 ° headtube angle  to ensure extreme agility and reactivity of the vehicle, optimizing its performance both uphill and in descent.

Regarding the equipment Brinke has chosen to include all the latest technological innovations from Shimano: first of all  the performing Shimano EP8 motorization, an absolute novelty of the season, which guarantees maximum power and lightness to better manage the autonomy of the engine and for  a longer battery life.

X6R RACE is also equipped with the new 630Watt Shimano battery to ensure endless adventures!

Among the standard equipment also the telescopic seatpost which, thanks to the remote control allows you to easily adjust the height of the saddle to he type of route, improving the control and driveability of the ebike, especially on particularly steep descents. Safety is also guranteed by Shimano XT 4-piston brakes and by the tires with different sizes: 29 * 2.6 ' at the front and 27.5 * 2.8 'at the rear.

The X6R RACE's cassette and chain have been redesigned for the HYPERGLIDE + transmission, ensuring quick changes, efficient power transfer and remarkable chain stability. Thanks to this technology, the biker manages to adapt to sudden changes interrain, without jolts and interruptions, reducing the impact of pedaling and the shift change time of 1/3. The smoother power transfer has also the great advantage to increase the comfort on the saddle and reduce the fatigue of the cyclist. Comfort is also guaranteed by ROCK SHOX LYRIC and ROCK SHOX SUPER DELUXE suspensions with Trunnion technology, which ensure an extremely smooth ride.

Besides the  excellent equipment and performance geometries X6 boasts  also sinuous lines thanks to the integrated battery, which guarantees a cleaner design in its strictly black and red graphics.

X6R is also available in the No Race version to guarantee excellent performance at a lower price, and therefore dedicated to those who are not going to participate in sports competitions but are still looking for unlimited fun.

Both available in the next few days in all Brinke authorized stores, at the price of 5.699 euro for the Race version and 5.199 euro for the “No Race” version.

Fun Ahead with Brinke!