The worthy descendant of the 2021 model, the new X6R Race is designed for the most extreme trails, offering maximum dynamism and handling thanks to a 150mm rear travel and a 160mm front travel.

Like the other ebikes in our catalogue that are part of our 2022 release, updates have been made to the body geometry to further improve performance, and technical specifications of the fittings have been confirmed in order to guarantee maximum performance and riding comfort.

To view the details of the X6R Race’s geometry:

Main features:

The frame is designed to guarantee the best performance both uphill and downhill, thanks to the mullet wheels, which have a 27.5" rear diameter and 29" front diameter, ensuring maximum grip.

The Shimano EP8 motor guarantees power and lightness, as well as making it extremely quiet.

The down tube designed around the latest generation Shimano E8036 630Wh battery maintains the sleekest possible silhouette and, thanks to its integrated motor, gives an attractive and minimalist look with new black and red graphics.

For further details:

The X6R Race features the Lyrik RC compression and rebound adjustable fork and Super Deluxe rear shock with piggyback to maintain performance on even the longest and most challenging descents.

The X6R Race features a telescopic seat post with remote control on the handlebars.

The braking system is Shimano XT.

Read the detailed technical data sheet:

The X6R Race is ideally suited for exploring new paths and tackling any type of trail, with no limits, and maximum performance both uphill and downhill.

This is in line with our brand's objective of providing the best possible bike experience for unlimited fun.

Andrea Auf Dem Brinke, CEO of Brinke, says: “...we design and produce our ebikes not only with the aim of providing an effective response to market demands, but above all we want to anticipate expectations with increasingly innovative proposals that arise from the analysis of the needs and desires that an ebike can satisfy to ensure true cycling pleasure and unlimited fun.”

Learn more about our vision:

For those who are looking for a pre-stationary but more affordable ebike, this ebike will also be available in our catalogue in the X6R (No Race) and X6S versions, equipped with a Shimano EP8 motor and a Shimano BT-E8036 630 battery.

The X6R Race can be purchased in sizes S, M, L on our Brinke ecommerce website or at any authorized Brinke dealer, for €5,990.00 (VAT included).