Phase 2 started a couple of weeks ago and the ebike immediately became the protagonist, also thanks to the large space dedicated by the relaunch decree which, just a few days ago, confirmed important incentives announced by the government task force and by the  Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

To know all the details on the incentives  https://www.gazzetta.it/Ciclismo/14-05-2020/bonus-bici-regole-coronavirus-370965696793.shtml?refresh_ce-cp

In response to the new Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak emergency the ebike was in fact immediately defined as the best means of sustainable mobility,because it guarantees social distancing thus limiting the proliferation of the pandemic, and it also allows us to live a feeling of freedom that the lockdown subtracted us for long and the pleasure of finding time for ourserlves in everyday life.

It follows that even in Italy the bike can finally become the ideal vehicle for daily mobility  which responds effectively to the necessary  change of mentality and lifestyle, just like in other European countries.
The ebike plays an important role above all due to its great mobility potential.

Since it was created, the Brinke brand has been supporting sustainable mobility, as a real alternative to the car and also to public transport.

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The wide range of ebikes, available in the catalogue, is not only designed for those who experience the bicycle as a moment of escape, fun or sport but also to be one of the main means of mobility for the whole family. 
Brinke has in fact also included  in the range a very interesting model dedicated to young bikers with an excellent quality / price ratio.

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Now that social distancing is one of the conditions to favor the restart, the ebike acquires even more value, becoming the tool to avoid the stress of traffic, time lost in queues or the limits of the public transport  timetables and it also becomes the more comfortable and safer the means of social distancing. 
It is therefore hoped that even those who until now had not thought of buying and e-bike  can now begin to consider it as the real alternative to the car and / or crowded public transport.

Brinke has started  the initiative "Distanced but free to pedal" in order to support everyone to buy the most suitable vehicle for their needs This initiative as explained in the interview by the editorial staff of EbikeCult is aimed to ensure real measures to support recovery by providing the possibility to buy  an ebike directly on the Brinke e-commerce and have it shipped to the local dealer.

This gives the biker the opportunity to buy without having to leave the house and queue in front of the store and to have the assistance of the dealer and and the  Brinke guarantee on the ebike.
The dealer for his part, can retain his customers, or meet new ones, with an interesting economic advantage offered by Brinke but without having to sustain  the initial investments.

Also until  June 30 for all models purchased on e-commerce, Brinke provides a discount from 10 to 30% depending on the ebike chosen, in order to favor everyone to make the purchase.

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We hope that the increased attention to safety and health will result in a greater attention to the environment. The ebike can therefore become even more the expression of all those who choose to live sustainably.

The ebike can guarantee an exciting adventure every day:  by adding pleasure to the daily tasks and commitments,  by allowing you to escape to the discovery of surrounding area, and by giving fun to lovers of outdoor sports.

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We are waiting for you! and in the meantime have a good ride!